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Engage your users by interacting with them when they are willing to interact with you.
With predict.io you can now understand their mobility status, location and activity context in real-time.

Departure Detection

Detects when a user is starting a trip.

  • Activate navigation apps from the background,
  • End parking payment sessions on departure,
  • Guide people to free parking spots
  • Ask for customer reviews right after they left, …

Arrival Detection

Detects that a user just arrived at a destination.

  • Promote offers in your store with the user nearby
  • Push proximity notifications for dating,
  • End a public transport ride and pay the ticket,
  • Reduce credit card fraud with location matching, …

Transport Mode Detection

Detects whether the user is driving a bike, a car or uses public transport.

  • Remind users to check out when stepping out of a train,
  • Inform users about real-time disturbances on their regular lines,
  • Target car commuters with special offers…

Home & Work Zone Detection

Detects the frequently visited areas of your users.

  • Remind your users of their to-dos when the get home,
  • Send a special offer for their favorite stores or restaurant in their neighborhood,
  • Understand where your customers live and work…

Flight Trip Detection

Detects when a user arrives after air travel.

  • Welcome users at arrival and send them useful information about the city,
  • Provide information on connections for their journey,
  • Ask for immediate feedback…

Backend Integration

Send all detected events to your own backend using webhooks.

  • Trigger push notifications to users,
  • Integrate with your BI suite

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