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Getting Started

Getting started with to detect arrival and departures of your users is a super-easy and quick process, just follow these simple steps:


To get started using the SDK, an API key is required.
Sign up to request yours.


After signing up we send you an email for the final confirmation.
Click on the link to confirm your email. You will then receive within a few minutes a welcome email with your API key.

If you don’t receive the email, please check your SPAM folder.

Didn’t get the link? Please drop us a message and we will help you in no time!

Example & Demo

The Example Project you find as part of the package shows how the SDK works and also how the SDK should be integrated into your own app. The app lists all events triggered by the SDK and can be used to test and verify the SDK performance and accuracy.

Find the examples on GitHub:


Demo App

If you want to see the SDK working live without writing any code, check out the Android Demo App on the Google Play Store or our iOS version available via Beta by Crashlytics.


SDK Integration

Great, now you’ve seen how it works and are ready to integrate into your app.

You can find the SDK and documentation on GitHub:



Any question concerning how to get started? Check out our Help Center.

Testing & Go-Live

After the technical integration, you should test that everything works properly for you. The best way is to go out in the field and get some fresh air while doing it. Here are some instruction on how to run a test.

If something doesn’t work as planned, this is where you find help:

Have fun!

That’s it! Now you’re ready to go live and start detecting arrival and departures of your users!

Any questions left? We are here to help you power your app. Just get in touch!