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Wow, last year flew by and it was quite a ride!
Our team wishes you all the best for 2017. Make sure that sending smart push messages is part of your new year's resolution!



How To Send More Personalized Push Notifications


Nearly 3,000 apps and 100 billion push notifications were sent to more than 500 million users through all of 2016*. It's hard to get noticed in such noise. The following factors determine why users open your push message - or not.


Platform Used


On average, Android users respond to push notifications three times as often as iOS users — 13,1 percent vs. 4.3 percent*. Why? Well, it's due to the temporary nature of push notification handling on iOS. If you miss a push notification the moment it arrives, it is much easier to find that notification later on Android devices than it is on iOS. In fact, on iOS, notifications are grouped by app in the “notification center” while on Android they persist on the lock screen.


Personalizing the content of your push notifications will result in much better opening rates. How well do you know your users?

Do you address them by name? Do you know their gender, age...? Personalized content engages your users because it shows that you recognize their needs and preferences. Use data from user profiles and to make notifications meaningful for them. Make sure to tailor your message to the real-life situation your user is in when receiving the notification.

Delivery Time

Last but not least, delivery time: When should you send the message?
Well... the first rule is, don't wake up the user while he’s sleeping! To avoid that you can schedule messages based on time-zones. It's a simple way to be sure that you are not trying to get in touch with the user in a very very wrong moment. But you can do much better. Send a push notification with a discount for your product when the user is right around the corner. allows you to identify the right moment based on the user's offline behaviors.



Do you want to learn about how we can help you reach your business objectives using effective push notifications?


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Among other things, now detects your users' frequently visited areas. Use this event to trigger a message when the user is just leaving his workplace or home.

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