We offer geo campaign coaching to train and build your geo expertise. We are with you from the first campaigns to coaching your team. We can help you hire your team and build up tech slack.
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new new data api
Data API
Data API can be well-utilized for business analytics and intelligence. We collect location information in the background from users across Europe. Every significant location change generate a “visit” for you to analyze.
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Segments API
Segments API is a multichannel DMP for the offline retargeting and store attribution on mobile. It helps you understand when your consumers have been where and what they did in real life. Our MDMP captures offline store visits.
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new segments api
With SDK SaaS you will be able to capture offline behavior of your customers. Learn more about your users in real-time, always-on, across mobile platforms with minimal battery drain without data privacy issues and full GDPR policy compliance.
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Affiliate Program
The affiliate program helps monetize location data. The net effect is that with little effort you will have an EU privacy compatible high CPM. Our SDK produces data that you didn’t have before. 
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new Affiliate-Program