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Mobile Context SDK

Our SDK for iOS, Android and Cordova can be installed in minutes. The SDK consumes typically only 2% of a battery charge by running in the background. Instead of 20% when using native Activity APIs.

How does it work conceptually? After activation the SDK reads the smartphone embedded sensors periodically. There are up to 13 hardware sensors on a smartphone. The SDK uses the full range of those sensors to identify patterns in real-time. The raw sensor data are being pre-processed on the device. Once a pattern is recognized with high confidence a callback is triggered. 

Read more about Data Privacy below. Our Developer section has more details on accuracy and implementation for you.  

Built-in Privacy

Just as you, our primary concern is protecting people’s privacy. Our own privacy policies reflect just that. We have built our system so that no personal identifiable information are being collected by us. We don’t have any user credentials, any unique device ID nor a clear text IP adress. The only device identifier used by the system is a proprietary hash generated by us. Which is not used in any other product anywhere in the world. Hence it can not be traced back across other services. We never know who your user is. And we don’t want to.

We have gone through several security audits with large corporates. We are confident to be able to adhere to any of your standards, too.

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