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About Us

In 2012 we fell in love with the idea of using smartphones sensors to solve issues in real life.

It all started with parking. How about we use GPS to auto-save where I parked my car? This was before Activity APIs existed. So we did that. People then wanted us to predict vacating parking spots. So we got to work again. Then in 2014 we made this our livelihood. The main challenges we faced were the complexity of documentation, the difference in sensor bias across OS and the incredibly hard trade-off with battery drain.

We have literally spent years to get to where we are. And we feel it should really not be that hard for you. Hence we set out build the easiest, fastest and most accurate Activity API across platforms. We hope you love it. Because we are putting everything into it that we have. Get in touch. We would love to hear from you! Even it’s just a “Keep going!”,  “This sucks!” or “Gimme a new feature!”.

Our Skills

Consulting 96
Machine Learning 95
App Developement 90
Project Management 87
App Design 75

Our mission: making sense of sensors.
Silvan Rath, CEO

Our Team

We are team of technology lovers with wealth of experience in technology and business.

Silvan Rath
Silvan RathCEO
Jörg Sädtler
Jörg SädtlerCTO
Sandra Kobel
Sandra KobelProject Manager
Sebastian Guerrero
Sebastian GuerreroMarketing Manager
Jenny Aguilera
Jenny AguileraOperations & Finance Manager
Kieran Graham
Kieran GrahamTechnical Architect
Shahroz Ali Khan
Shahroz Ali KhanAndroid Developer
Frank Saviane
Frank SavianeProduct Manager
Jane Leung
Jane LeungCopywriter
Martin Pawluszek
Martin PawluszekBusiness Development Intern
Svilen Todorov
Svilen TodorovData Engineer
Thomas Nattkowski
Thomas NattkowskiStrategy Advisor
Cliff Pfefferkorn
Cliff PfefferkornStrategy Advisor
Chris Bangle
Chris BangleStrategy Advisor
Jürgen Ringbeck
Jürgen RingbeckStrategy Advisor
Marshall Goldsmith
Marshall GoldsmithStrategy Advisor

Our Backers